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Blisters Season 7

Right people. Who wants to turn on, tune in, drop out? Those that like original art, affordable art, celebrating the good and the great in TV and an excuse to rub shoulders with a cool crowd, book your place with @printclublondon for their latest show, BLISTERS: SEASON 7 - A fully screen printed poster show! Featuring artwork by yours truly along with plenty of other talented artists There is just over a month to go. I have a TV inspired poster in the show so, make sure you tune in and RSVP for the opening night and come down to: MC Motors on Friday 5th October 2018 6 - 10pm you can RSVP either @printclublondon direct or email me here #BlistersSeason7 is Proudly sponsored by @gfsmithpapers @castlegibson @rubysdalston


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