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Secret Seven inch!

No it’s not a euhemism inherited from the 70s! Instead, I’m pleased to announce my involvement in this novel exhibition.

On the South East bank of London there’s a splash of colour and hope in the shape of 700 unique record covers.

Displayed at the Now Gallery on Greenwich’s peninsular, is a host of musically themed artwork available to buy with all the proceeds going to help refugees.

The concept is clever and clear. 7 tracks from 7 well known musicians/singers and bands are listed, artists pick one and create a unique 7 inch cover artwork. 700 are chosen and pressed and either printed or matched with their respective original artworks. But there is a little catch. The artwork creator must not name themselves, the song or the artist who created the music. Why? Because otherwise it wouldn’t be a bloody secret would it!

Punters get the chance to purchase a piece of artwork that takes their fancy and if they’re super lucky it might even be by one of the renowned artist that contributed, which this year includes: Anish Kapoor, Tacita Dean, Gavin Turk, Mark Wallinger, Shona Heath, The Connor Brothers, Helen Beard, Jeremy Deller, Lotte Anderson, Stanley Donwood, Jadé Fadojutimi, Maya Hayuk, Jake & Dino Chapman!

Now that the auction is over and my artwork has been sold, I can share my artwork and vids the ether thank all of the people who bid on my artwork.

For more information on this exhibition or to see if there are any more pieces that haven’t been snapped up, go to

To see this and other exciting projects check out the Now Gallery in Greenwich.


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