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New: 500 & 1000 piece Puzzles...

I’m pleased to announce the a new series of products available in conjunction with the nice people at Puzzle Bored!

You can now buy officially licensed puzzles of selected pieces of my work directly from my website! There are currently three different works available, two of which are currently exclusively only available as puzzles.

It’s a great way to get up and close with a particular piece of artwork. The process of putting a puzzle together requires a certain amount of examination of each piece. So it’s not only a good balance between challenge and escapism, but it’s also a great way to immerse yourself into an artist's work.

They make great original gifts, they’re cheaper than most limited edition prints, and they can be framed or displayed after putting together. So you can admire the artwork and your tenacity all in one go!


These are the three pieces currently available and a bit about how the artwork was made:

After the Fallout - An original illustration created for a 5 colour screen print. The catalyst for this was a photograph I took in Barcelona of a child standing outside a shop staring at a cat who was lying down staring right back at him. It was as if nothing else in the world existed to these two in that moment. it made me think, 'what if that were the case, and they were the only two left on a landscape after an apocalypse?' It might sound a bit bleak, but the I think the artwork turned out anything but bleak! I created the outline in brush and ink. Scanned it in and produced the colours in Photoshop using a range of brushes created from real ink texture scans. The limited edition print along with the puzzle can be purchased at my shop.

Contemplation in Polygons - An original piece created on textured paper using mixed media. The background elements created using airbrush, acrylic paints and markers and spray paints. The figure and polygons were rendered in oils. This was an exercise in fusing some traditional and more contemporary painting techniques. This piece is currently only available as a 500 piece puzzle.

Immaculate - This is the newest of the pieces available. The visual inspiration taken from stained glass windows and iconography. There are a lot of tenets that religions espouse that are worth valuing, but unfortunately there is also a 'hell' of a lot of hypocrisy, violence and subjugation carried out in the name of religion. Perhaps it's people that are the problem? Whatever you believe in, it's healthy to stay flexible and respectful, be aware of dogma as it can cause more harm than good!

This piece was created using a combination of hand drawn digital illustration using a Wacom pen and tablet in Photoshop, the shapes were done in Adobe illustrator and the textures were taken from paste-up street art found in the lanes in Brighton. There's a lot of detail going on this work and I think it lends itself well to a 1000 piece puzzle, currently the only from it's available in!


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