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AOH Brighton 2022 Preview

Okay, it’s been a while people, but at least the Studio LP site is not guilty of jamming up your inboxes! A lot has happened since my last post, and I’m not referring to the tiny spiked proteins that have had a thumping great impact on the world. No this is closer to home, in fact during that time, the place I’ve called home for nearly a half century is no longer where I’m at. I’ve relocated to it’s cousin on the coast, it’s been a whirlwind but me and the fam are now living in Brighton. Those of you who know Brighton will most likely be aware of the popular May festival that sweeps the East Sussex city during the weekends of that month. The Artist Open House festival begins this weekend 7th and it’s one of the events that drew me to this coastal city. I’m excited to to be exhibiting with an eclectic roster of brilliantly talented artists in a lovely house in Kemptown. I’ll also be spinning some tunes to provide a nice background beat to the little launch we’re having on Friday 6th May 2022. 18:30-20:30 see address on flyer if you fancy coming down.

Artists on show in include:

Kirsteen Adams, Sarah James, Haus of Lucy, Marko, Georgia Sawers, Slazy, Andrew Morris, Sarah Jones, Cassette Lord, David Pearce, Luella Steed, Re.Lab Upcycle, Dinah Dufton, Freeman, Slezy, Joseph Ford, My Pen Leaks, Matt Noir, Little Papa House, Kareen Herbert, Luke Pantelidou.


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